Best Wood Floor Vacuum Cleaner – A Quick Guide

The worst enemies of wooden flooring are dust, water and dirt, since they tend to scratch the surface. In the modern generation, the use of a broom and dustpan is not an effective way to clean a wooden floor. The ideal method of keeping away the dirt and maintaining the luster of the wood is by using a vacuum cleaner.

Wood FloorThere are several brands in the market, and so it is important to know how to select the best wood floor cleaner.

Suction Capability and Maneuverability

Regardless of the surface you are cleaning, the first thing you need to consider is whether the machine can be easily maneuvered. The vacuum must be capable of reaching the most remote corners and have the ability to pick up dirt and dust without getting clogged.

Good Transitioning From Carpet to Wood Flooring

Your flooring should be unaffected as you alter settings in the transition from carpet or tile surface to wood flooring on your vacuum. Most vacuums ignore this fact, which results to cracks and indentations on the floor. According to Homestadna, this is one of the important things to take into considerations when searching for the top rated hardwood vacuum online.

Extra Features Incorporated on The Vacuum

Besides great suction abilities, it will be great for your cleaner to have empty cup technologies, swivel heads and others. With most companies trying to include more and more attractive features on their models to attract homemakers, the amount of benefits and attachments is a comparison you need to make among many vacuums before selecting one.

Direction of Exhaust

The other important factor to consider is the direction of exhaust emission. In many vacuum cleaners, the exhaust emission is towards the floor, which implies that you simply end up chasing dust on wooden floors instead of getting rid of them. You need to ensure that the dirt is collected either in a dirt bag or is emitted away from the wood flooring.

Pet Hair Suction

To the pet lovers, additional nuisance will be the quantity of fur on your furniture and wood flooring. In such cases, the normal suction isn’t enough and you must depend on superior suction technology. Considering multiple vacuums for pet hair available in the market, you need to do some good research before investing in one.


Although not a major factor when it comes to selecting a good vacuum, price does play an important role. Most of the time, the quality will be dictated by its price (although this is not always the case). So, it is better to go for a cleaner that is economical but at the same time effective in the cleaning process.

In order to obtain a good vacuum, you should go for models and brands that offer ease of operation, maintenance and are also economical to use. Remember, a vacuum cleaner is designed for long-term use, thus you need to get much mileage from it as possible. A little online search can actually help you find the best vacuum for wood floors that offer remarkable features for good price.

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