How to Fix Wood Floor Gouges

Wood floors are easy to clean and durable. Unfortunately, they can damage or gouge easily. This happens especially when you drop something heavy on the floor.

The most common method of fixing gouges on wood flooring is using wood putty. Fixing floor gouges with putty is as easy as following the steps below.

Wood Floor Gouges7 Steps to Fixing Wood Floor Gouges With Wood Putty

  1. Buy wood putty. Before you make your purchase, you should consider the color of your floor and buy one similar to it.
  2. Use sandpaper to smooth the gouge and wipe it clean to finish any sandpaper residue.
  3. Fill it with putty. You can either use your fingers or a putty knife. Ensure that the putty is a bit higher than floor level.
  4. Let the putty dry.
  5. When the putty dries, sand off the excess putty until it reaches floor level and appears shiny.
  6. Using a wood grain pencil draw on the wood using a color that matches the grain of the surrounding wood.
  7. Apply finish on the previously gouged surface. You will make that area similar to the rest of the floor. You can use urethane floor finish using an artist’s paint brush.

Other Methods For Fixing Gouges

Besides the use of wood putty there are other methods of fixing these floor gouges. First, crayons. You can use crayons of the same color as your floor and insert them into the gouge. You can sand them to smoothen and also to enhance safety.

Wood expands in the presence of steam. You can therefore, place a damp cloth over the gouge and pass a hot iron over it gently taking care not to burn the floor. The wood grain may rise, restoring it to its original state.

You can also use veneers. Veneers are thin strips of wood. You will need to cut them in the shape of the gouge, then fix them together with glue and paint in the color of the floor.

For small gouges and surface scratches, you can use transparent nail polish. You can also use stained color markers to hide to hide the scratch since they can’t remove it. You can also get a touch up kit from your floor’s manufacturer, which come in different colors and shades. You can also use lotions. Apply it and let it penetrate for 24 hours. Wipe of the excess and buff to blend it in the wood.

You can also use latex wood filler. Fill the gouge with the latex filler and allow it to dry overnight. Sand any excess and apply finish.

Where the gouge is too big to repair, you may consider replacing the floor.

Well done wood floors are beautiful embellishments to the house. They are also long lasting. You may accidentally drop something heavy on your floor or just scratch it, leading to gouges or scratches. Don’t worry, follow the above steps and you will have your floor back to new in no time.


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