How to Find a Good Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For a Good Price

Are you looking for the best cheap vacuum cleaners? If so, choose between hand-held upright or stick units by considering the following handheld vacuum reviews. A recent survey carried out by an online vacuum review site showed that very few people want to spend money on brand new equipment (mostly vacuum cleaners), especially if their old one becomes faulty.

All you want is a decent replacement that is cheap and quickly available. Choosing your purchase on the internet is the easiest and painless way. So, here is a list of the best inexpensive handheld machines ranging from 50 to 200 dollars.

The Best Vacuums Under 50 Dollars

These machines can clean your carpet and any other surfaces just fine. However, you’ll not enjoy the luxury of the washable and reusable parts, convenient sensors, fancier filters and they may be a little noisy for comfort. Reviews from customers who have used these vacuums have given a rating that stand at 3.5 stars out of 5 from different online stores like Amazon.

The power and ease of use is great and so is the application of the assorted attachments. BISSELl’s Zing Bagless canister and PowerEdge for pets are just amazing. Try Dirt Devil’s Dynamite Plus or Breeze Bagless and read the interesting reviews from users to evaluate and compare. Eureka LightSpeed Upright is yet another popular household machine with lots of positive reviews.

Cleaner Vacuums 100 Dollars and Under

These appliances are a little fancier. They tend to have diverse uses, are less noisy and have a longer electrical cord than the cheaper ones. The attachments are more specialized and have a warranty. Those with pets or domesticated animals with fur have lots of options available in this range of price. Customer’s reviews pertaining to this category highlighted lightweight, convenient features and more technologically improved attachment tools.

Its not necessary to put the power to the maximum because still at medium, the appliance lifts carpets. You can use them for furniture and vehicles as well. Hoover’s WindTunnel T-Series and Tembo WidePath Bag are examples. BISSELL’s Cleanview Helix is versatile for any home use. They have cyclonic action that provides powerful suctions to give you that thorough cleaning.

Save Money With Vacuums Under 150 Dollars

For better quality and much quieter models, appliances worth 150 Dollars are the most ideal. They have powerful motors and suction capacity that can remove the hidden dirt in floor cracks or around the corners. Some of these machines are usable for commercial purposes.

The equipment is designed to last longer and therefore customers enjoy better warranties and guarantees from the manufacturers. Some of these models have the capacity to remove odor because they have carbon filters. Shark Navigator Upright Bagless and Hoover’s Cordless are the best samples.

Appliance Under 200 Dollars

If you can spend some money for a good appliance, these machines mean you get luxury and comfort when cleaning your surface. These gadgets have sensors that tell you how its performing especially when the bag is full or when it’s time to change filters. When you know the condition of the machine then you know what to do to sustain the power of suction and lengthen the performance duration. Here, you get the best machines especially for those with allergies of dirt because they suck every speck. Shark Navigator’s Lift-Away, Hoover Platinum lightweight and Panasonic MC-CG902 are models to try.

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