The Best Hard Floor Vacuum For Pet Owners

Hardwood Floor

Nothing says home like a comfortable pet, curled up in front of a crackling fire on an elegant mahogany floor. In fact, if you are like most pet owners, myself included, then you chose hardwood flooring because of the pet friendly environment it provides in your home. But just because your floors are pet friendly, doesn’t mean they don’t pose challenges when it comes to keeping them clean and looking beautiful.

Pets can pose certain problems where it comes to taking care of your hardwood floors. Things which can damage or scratch your floor include:

  • Grit carried in under paws;
  • Bird seed which has fallen onto the floor;
  • Dust particles and sand which have fallen from your pet;
  • Urine and urine stains.

Pet fur and dander can also clog up your machine in no time at all if you have selected the wrong type. But finding the perfect balance between a good hardwood cleaning machine and the best pet friendly vacuum is not always as difficult as it might sound at first.

Why you should consider a vacuum that has a built in filter.

In a household that includes pets, you should probably choose a machine that contains a HEPA filter. Vacuuming automatically launches dust and other unhealthy particles into the air. These can aggravate or increase the symptoms of your allergies and can also affect those with sensitive chests. A good HEPA filter will capture these particles for you, ensuring the air you breathe is as clean as your floors after you’ve vacuumed.

Canister or Upright: Selecting the right type of vacuum for your floors and for you.

Whilst they both offer solutions for getting rid of hair, canister vacuum cleaners are normally considered to be a better option for keeping your floors sparkling clean. They are also a great option for HEPA filters since their design allows for sealed filtration systems. They also generally offer stronger suction power which is essential when trying to pick up that pesky hair.

Upright vacuum cleaners are an excellent choice for pet owners who have carpeted homes, but, when it comes to vacuuming hardwood floors, the consensus is that canister vacuums are far superior.

Best Attachments For Hard Floor Pet Vacuums

Vacuum Attachment For Pet HairThe vacuum itself is not the only thing you should consider when choosing a machine that will meet all of your needs. Most vacuums come with a number handy attachments that promise to make your job a lot easier. It’s a good idea to do some research on which attachments are made specifically for pets and which have been designed with your hardwood floors in mind.

Wand attachments, for example, can make light work of picking up hair particles that may be caught in the crevices along your walls or hair that may be hiding under your couch. In fact some companies have even launched vacuum attachments that can groom your pet and remove pet fur before it has time to make its way onto your floor.

By keeping the above considerations in mind, you can ensure that you choose a vacuum that is not only perfect for the beautiful floors you have, but is also the best vacuum for the other members of your family – your pets.

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