Top Reasons Why You Need a Portable Vacuum in Your Home

There are a lot of items a homeowner needs for a clean, livable home, but one of the most vital items you need is a vacuum cleaner.

Most people have a basic, canister or upright vacuum cleaners in their home for everyday use and for tough jobs like cleaning pet hair.

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In this article, I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should also add a portable vacuum to your cleaning arsenal.

1. Easy Usage

A portable vacuum cleaner is tremendously easier to use than a large, bulky vacuum. When someone makes a mess in the house, a portable vacuum can be snatched up and used quickly enough to fix any mess.

You don’t have to spend time unloading your large vacuum, de-tangling the cord and plugging it into the wall before cleaning. Just be aware that there is usually always a compromise between power and portability, which is why it’s great to have both a portable and an upright/canister vacuum in your home.

2. Cost Efficiency

Portable vacuum cleaners tend to cost significantly less than their larger counterparts. You can purchase one at Wal-Mart for less than $20, while a larger vacuum can cost over $100.

It’s perfect for a college student who doesn’t want to invest in a large vacuum (or use up valuable storage space), or a homeowner who is trying to be frugal with expenses.

3. Great For Cleaning Vehicles

The inside of vehicles tend to get messy quickly, and you’ll definitely need some method of cleaning it efficiently. There’s no way you could use a large vacuum to clean your vehicle; it’s much too cumbersome to fit inside a car!

A portable handheld vacuum is handy to have around for times when you don’t want to take your car all the way to the car wash just to pay to use one of their small vacuum tubes.

4. Good For Traveling

Perhaps your job requires you to be on the move often, or you’re renting an apartment for the time being.

A large vacuum could easily take up the majority of storage space in the trunk of your car when traveling. That’s why having a portable vacuum would be much more conducive for what you need.

5. Perfect For Hard-to-reach Locations

Nothing is worse than having a mess in the smallest corner of your home and trying to clean it effectively with a large vacuum.

Cleaning in certain areas of the home can be difficult, such as under the bed or in between walls and couches. Having a portable vacuum cleaner is perfect for getting into all the nooks and crannies in your home.

Considerations For Buying a Good Portable Cleaner

Things to consider when purchasing a portable vacuum cleaner:

  • Bulkiness: Is the vacuum especially heavy? Portable vacuums should be easily carried around for usage.
  • Life of Batteries: What sort of batteries are required? Make sure you understand what batteries to use and how long their lifespan is.
  • Simplicity of controls: Is it complicated to use? Most portable vacuums will have simple on-and-off switches for efficient use.
  • How to store the vacuum: Does it come with a dock? Most portable vacuums will; however, be sure to check this. You may need to purchase a separate one.

Practical homeowners, consider making this purchase a staple in your cleaning routine. You won’t regret it.


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