The Benefits Of Maintaining Hardwood Flooring

Maintained Hardwood FloorHardwood floors are loved for the classic beauty they give to a home. They never go out of style, and the timeless feel they add to a room makes hardwood flooring a good long term investment. The value of a hardwood floor appreciates with time.

For the duration the hardwood floor remains in your home, the wood has to remain beautiful despite the passage of time and prolonged exposure to furniture, pets and the people that live in the home. Maintaining your hardwood floors makes sure that they last and look good forever because hardwood floors were made to be permanent.

Strong and Durable

Hardwood floors do not dent when heavy objects are placed or accidentally dropped on them. They are easy to clean and if well finished, they are resistant to stains and moisture. Unlike carpets, hardwood does not house allergens. The look of your hardwood floor can be changed from time to time by staining and refinishing.

Do Hardwood Floors Need Care?

All things that are important need care. It follows that a floor needs care as well, since the only way we can get around is by walking on it. Floors get more use than most other parts of a building. Apart from foot traffic, floors must contend with spillages, moving of furniture, playing children and pets, just to mention a few. This means that the floor must be cared for to make the flooring more resistant to stains, moisture and scratches. Maintaining hardwood floors has the overall benefit of making the floor tougher and more durable.

Advantages of Maintaining Hardwood Flooring

Taking care of hardwood flooring increases the life of your floor. It also allows the floor to remain beautiful for the duration of its life. Polishing, staining and refinishing are some ways to caring for a hardwood floor, so one benefit of maintaining hardwood flooring is that maintenance of the floor allows you to change its look. Polishing the floor adds a water-proof layer to the floor, making the wood more resistant to stains, moisture and humidity. Another advantage of keeping hardwood flooring in mint condition is that it increases the resale value of your home should you want to sell.

Caring For Hardwood

Maintaining hardwood floors is quite easy. Little things can be done to make sure the floor remains in good condition.

  1. Regular cleaning helps. Sweeping with a broom with soft bristles or vacuuming prevents the build-up of grit and particles that can cause scratches. Placing rugs at entrances to rooms also prevents particles of dirt from getting on the floor. If you wish to wipe the floor, use a damp mop or rag; wet rags of mops should never be used. Spills should be cleaned immediately to prevent stains from forming.
  2. Simple steps can be taken to avoid scuffing, dents and scratching of the floor. Cleats and heels should not be worn on the floor. The pressure exerted on the floor when these types of shoes are worn causes marks to appear on the wood. Pets’ nails should also be trimmed to prevent scratches on the floor.
  3. Furniture legs should have stick-on felt protectors on them. More importantly, furniture should be lifted, never dragged, when being re-positioned on a hardwood floor.
  4. Periodically applying finish or wax polish to the floor protects the wood’s surface from moisture and scratches. However, finishing should not be overdone to avoid accumulation of wax. If the finish begins to dull, buffing the floor is sometimes enough.
  5. 5. A humidifier should be installed in the home to keep the humidity constant all year round. This prevents the wood from changing shape with the seasons.

Benefits of Professional Hardwood Floor Maintenance

When age catches up with hardwood floors, you’ll need to have your floors refinished. The floor may need to be sanded and some re-attachment of loose planks may need to be done before the floor is polished. The floor can also be stained to change its color. This may take a little time and a little money, but it ‘s well worth it. Refinishing a floor makes it look smoother and brand new and is only needed once in a while

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Maintaining hardwood floors protects them from the elements, mitigates the effects of aging and constant use and adds value to your home.

If you need any information concerning your hardwood floors, please get in touch with us. We are happy to hear from you and provide any information and help that you may need. With our years of experience on hardwood floors, we guarantee that we will get you what you’re looking for! There are also other resources that we recommend checking out if you already know what you’re looking for.

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